We have been in the business of providing innovative security solutions for more than 144 years. We have a national footprint and broad range of solutions so your business can grow with us. When you reach a stage where more complex solutions are needed—we can deliver them. This can provide added peace of mind knowing that you won’t be faced with outgrowing a vendor down the road.

Our professionals have the experience and technology to build physical and cybersecurity protection that takes the shape of your business footprint. We work as true partners and can provide expertise that you may not currently have within your organization.

With a security audit, we can determine if there are gaps in your current protection and help you manage those risks with a system designed to accommodate your specific needs.

Solutions for your business

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Committed to customer service excellence

We understand that being in charge of security for a midsize business might just be one part of a wide range of your responsibilities. We can act as a true partner and provide the expertise you need to keep your security and fire programs on track.

National and local

We offer customers the best of both worlds—a strong national company with local offices providing a quality service experience. We have a broad footprint and can meet your needs—whether you have one site, a dozen sites or 5,000 sites.

Qualified technicians

We dispatch technical personnel trained to service the systems at your sites—they show up on time with the right equipment. We also email you when you are next on the technician's schedule along with their picture so you know who to expect, and when.

Extensive experience

In order to help deliver an exceptional service response, we have thousands of our own technicians with an average tenure of over 9 years.

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