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ADT Commercial Smart Alerts

With new ADT Commercial Smart Alerts, you’ll be able to verify alarms and help improve emergency response times—all while keeping your people and your property secure.

ADT Central Station monitoring services can help to increase your efficiency while mitigating your losses. Through our partnership, you’ll know that your company is protected, all while staying within budget.
  • ADT Commercial infrastructure reliability meets or exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • Our monitoring centers are UL Certified and FM Approved to provide business alarm monitoring, service dispatching, technical assessment and support services.
  • Your business enjoys three layers of business security monitoring that provide protection: through our primary computer system, our on-site backup system, and off-site at our Disaster Recovery Center.
  • We believe that transparent data delivery and analytics are core services that add value to the customer experience.
  • We provide multiple data access, reporting, and analytics tools to help our customers use the data we collect to improve their security programs and lower costs.

Monitoring infrastructure

We can help secure your business with around-the-clock, professional protection. In fact, our monitoring centers across the U.S. are listed by Underwriters Laboratories. We use automated signal load balancing and backup architecture to help your organization’s critical intrusion, fire, and life safety alarms receive a response, even during inclement weather or other major emergencies.

In jurisdictions that have adopted ASAP, we can enact the protocol for faster, more accurate, and two-way communications with dispatching agencies for better response time by authorities.

These are a few of the monitoring options available to you.

Critical condition monitoring

Critical condition monitoring to protect people, property and inventory

Ensure refrigeration units remain within an acceptable temperature range with temperature monitoring. Set the proper range, and if the temperature rises or falls outside of that range, we will contact an appropriate person on your call list. This is critical for operations storing food, pharmaceuticals, or temperature-sensitive products. Without protection, you could experience an inventory loss or safety hazard.

Environmental risks

ADT Commercial monitoring can help protect your people, property, and inventory against excess levels of water, carbon monoxide, and other related conditions. Our critical equipment sensors can be configured to monitor, measure, record, and report a wide range of data. We can alert you to danger quickly, so the situation can be fixed before it causes loss.

Intrusion and access control

Monitor intrusion detection and access control

Keep tabs on movement within your building. We can tie intrusion detection and access control into one integrated system, helping you run a safer and more efficient business.

With eSuiteSM you can:

  • Put panel on test mode remotely
  • Easily group and manage hundreds of locations
  • Set up user privileges by authority level
  • Get event-triggered and exception-based alert notifications
  • Schedule events
  • Manage system access codes


Video monitoring to meet your changing needs

Video verification

Video verification is vital to ensuring efficient police response. Our central station operators can view on-site activity associated with the receipt of an incoming burglar alarm signal. This allows us to offer accurate information about activity at the location to avoid an unnecessary police dispatch. In case of an actual burglary attempt, we can provide descriptions and locations of any perpetrators.

Video assistance

Video assistance increases site security and helps to protect employees, making your business a safer place for customers and employees alike. Our central station operators use interactive remote video to provide your employees with immediate access to professional security assistance.

Video escorts

Video escorts can provide added peace of mind to employees as they arrive and leave your property. To use this service, employees simply call a dedicated phone number from the safety of their vehicle or your facility. A remote video connection is then established by a central station operator, and we watch employees to ensure they remain safe as they enter or leave your building or property.

Video guard tours

Video guard tours enhance site security without increasing your on-site physical guard costs. We can perform remote video guard tours at the times and intervals you select, looking for any suspicious activity or unusual conditions, per your specific instructions.

Leverage your existing video technology while enhancing your security program by reducing false alarms and improving safety protocols.


Custom monitoring solutions for your business

We’re always looking for ways to help our clients address threats unique to their businesses. That’s why we offer a variety of custom monitoring solutions, such as:

Advanced video analytics to help you understand what’s happening on-site during an emergency. This helps to eliminate false alarm activity and ensure an appropriate response.

Monitoring of access control system events, such as “tailgating,” door-forced-open, and attempted use of expired or revoked credentials, to help you address security issues quickly.

Managed or hosted access control can help lower costs because no dedicated computers, databases, IT support, or backup or special software are required. Our central station can remotely manage all access card activities, including issuing, credentialing, and access rights. It can also maintain system software and remote programming and troubleshooting.

Asset monitoring

Asset monitoring for theft protection

Protect high-value inventory, equipment, or other assets that might be theft targets. Identify crucial items and place asset sensors on those items. When they are moved, disturbed, or tampered with, you’ll be alerted. We can use this system to protect virtually any object you deem valuable.

Fire and life safety

Monitored fire alarms to protect life and property

Protect your business from the unexpected. Our fire alarm monitoring services provide advanced protection against fire threats to your business, and that protection is backed by around-the-clock fast-response monitoring.

Monitoring centers

Your alarms will be connected to a network of ADT-owned customer monitoring centers, each strategically located throughout the U.S. These centers are staffed by trained specialists who will notify both you and the proper authorities in the event of an emergency. Your system will also be connected to a secure network with backup services that comply with industry standards.


If you’ve already invested in a system, we may be able offer the ability to switch easily and effectively. We can test, inspect or replace your current fire alarm system equipment to help ensure that every building, process, and installation meet current codes.

Our monitoring services ensure that someone is always watching over your company, your assets, and your profits. We use sophisticated systems to help ensure that you’re always connected.

Our backup communications system helps ensure delivery of alarm systems in the event of a communication outage or intentional tampering. We test that system frequently to ensure you can always reach us.

We specialize in delivering custom integrated business security solutions that really work. The majority of our National Account security customers look for a provider who is brilliant with the basics and has support teams trained to deliver a high level of service. We meet these needs as a national company with local offices and take great pride in delivering consistency across multiple locations.

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