Our mission is to protect your business, not only with advanced technology but also with skilled professionals who understand the investments at stake. We’re passionate about delivering excellent customer service and doing what we say we’ll do—when we say we’ll do it.

Professionalism, integrity and courtesy are just a few of our values. These values are brought to life by our highly trained commercial security installation technicians who can offer insightful hands-on technical support often within 24 hours of your call.

From resolving service calls in a timely manner to offering the support of knowledgeable people at every point of interaction, we strive to deliver projects efficiently and independently with minimal interruption to you and your business.

Installation process

Exceptional service during installation

We understand that your time is valuable and so we strive to streamline our installation process to take as little of it as possible. We pay close attention to your needs and are known nationally for our ability to install systems at many locations in a small window of time—with as little disruption to a customer’s business as possible.

Our process

During the installation process, we keep you informed of the progress we’re making. We follow the design documents carefully, and if we see an exception or an anomaly in those drawings, we work with you to correct it right away. In the case you’re busy during the time of installation for one reason or another, you can depend on our unique Tech TrackerSM notification service to let you know who is going to be there, and when.

Certified professionals

Our installation team is comprised of certified professionals who strive to work with a minimum amount of disruption to you and your business. Both before and during installation, it is important to us that your business is able to carry on as usual.

As the average tenure of our service technicians is over 9 years, you can rest assured your installer is professional, knowledgeable and prepared for the job.

Code compliance

Laws have become increasingly complex for businesses of all types and sizes. Throughout the testing and acceptance phase our goal is to help you ensure that your system adheres to all proper codes, laws, and industry standards. Then we provide you with the documentation you need to help prove compliance at a later date, if necessary.

Inspection program

Inspections you can trust to keep your system online

Your system must work around the clock to keep your assets safe. Testing helps to ensure that minor issues are caught and addressed before they have the chance to cause major disruptions. Testing is also a vital part of staying in compliance with local, state, and federal codes.

Customized inspections

Your inspection schedule will be customized to fit the needs of your business. We’ll work with you to provide inspections at a time that is convenient for you.

Archived reporting

At the end of every test, you’ll have reports of what we found and next steps we recommend. We’ll store those forms securely. If you misplace your copy, you’ll have a backup set to rely on.

System maintenance

Tech TrackerSM

Using our unique Tech Tracker, simply identify one person in charge at your location, and we’ll send service alerts that include:

  • The date of the service call
  • The time at which the technician will arrive
  • The technician’s name
  • The qualifications and certifications of the technician
  • A picture of your technician

As an added layer of support, we will send an email when you’re next in line for a service call. You’ll be prepared to guide your technician to the source of the problem, and you won’t waste time waiting around for them.

Each of our technicians strives to be quick, courteous, and qualified. At the end of a service call, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to give feedback. We take that feedback seriously, as we want to ensure that all our technicians give the level of service our customers deserve. If something isn’t quite right, let us know and we’ll address the issue.

ADT Commercial Maintenance Rewards Plan

All systems require ongoing maintenance. Take the guesswork out of performing proper maintenance—and let us help you avoid big, costly surprises—with the ADT Commercial Maintenance Rewards Plan. You’ll even out your costs throughout the year, and we’ll credit your funds if the money you invest isn’t fully spent. This program is available to enterprise customers with 100 or more sites protected by ADT Commercial.

At ADT Commercial, we take a unique approach to customer service. We treat you the way we would like to be treated. We pride ourselves on outstanding work and doing what we say we’re going to do. We’d like to show you how our exceptional service can support your business.

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