Thermal imaging for elevated skin temperature screening

EST systems use thermal imaging technology to screen people for signs of an elevated skin temperature. All objects emit infrared light—a type of radiant energy that's invisible to the human eye that we feel as heat. Thermal imaging cameras use a special lens that focuses infrared light to read relative skin surface temperature and help detect an elevated body temperature.

EST systems are regulated by the FDA.* At ADT Commercial, we are focused on bringing the best, FDA-cleared products to our customers.

* Devices cleared through the FDA 510(k) process must be used as part of an adjunctive system, whereby cameras are used alongside a primary means of confirming a fever, such as a medical thermometer.

We offer solutions with varied specifications to help fit our client's application with the appropriate options. We will help you to understand the merits, limitations, and impact of the various solutions, and how they might fit into a multilayered approach to safety that best meets the needs of your organization.

Fever is a common indication of illness

Why consider an EST system for your business

Fever is a common indication of illness. The use of an FDA-cleared EST system can help you to efficiently screen for people with an elevated skin temperature entering your business—allowing you to take appropriate measures.


  • Expeditious initial screening, avoiding delays in entry
  • Non-invasive, non-contact first-step screening for visitors, employees, customers, vendors, contractors, etc.
  • Helps identify those that may need additional screening to confirm elevated body temperature
  • Provides cognizance of screening, potentially deterring individuals exhibiting signs of a fever from entering
  • Helps improve social responsibility among employees, promoting a healthy work environment

Solutions available

  • Scalable and flexible solutions for different entry points and mounting locations
  • Stand-alone and network-connected solutions
  • Mobile and stationary solutions
  • FDA-cleared

We provide a holistic approach to meet our customers’ ever-changing security, fire and life safety needs. Our extensive offerings are constantly evolving to help keep America safe and secure as unexpected challenges emerge.

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